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Why us? 

Our vision of success comes from building long-term relationships will our clients. We aim to be able to offer our clients what they are looking for, when they need it. We are confident that once you give us an opportunity, not only will we not let you down; we will start the beginning of a long term relationship between your staff and us.

Let us work for you!
Simple Cleaning offers all our clients the flexibility to schedule our calendar the way you like it. Choose the time and day of our visits to fit your firm’s needs. Whether it’d be scheduling our visits on the weekend to avoid any office traffic, or visiting in the morning, the choice truly yours.

Can you trust us? Depend on us?
At Simple Cleaning we strive on having our clients believe they can rely on us and trust us.  Our  aim is to build a strong relationships, where you understand you can  call us when you need us, ask us to come in after a Christmas party or before an important meeting, regardless of the occasion, you can count on us to be a phone call away.  Feel safe leaving important information on your desk or in your computer, our staff have no interest in any information and are only there to service your office and live up to the Simple Cleaning name.

How are we able to offer quality while offering competitive prices?
One of the ways we are able to offer our clients competitive prices, while maintaining high quality service, is by making sure of it ourselves. Unlike other cleaning companies, we DO NOT subcontract any client away. We make it our priority to make sure one of our specially trained staff members visit your office, rather than someone that does not fall under our name. We are so confident in our work that we do not make any of our clients sign in to long term contacts. We are confident that our quality will keep you with us long term, not a piece of paper.


Developing our color designated cloths policy is a prime example of how we strive to perform quality service to our clients.

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