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  Our General Cleaning Program

Our maintenance program offers all our clients the ability to pick and choose there schedule. 100% flexibility is offered to our clients, whether you want us to visit once a month to everyday, regardless of time simple cleaning is happy to accommodate. Our high quality service will continue to help you grow, while keeping your staff happy and focused on the bigger picture.

Garbage Removal:
Properly disposing of all garbage bags and recycling in appropriate area, replacing all liners to bins.

Office maintenance:
Polishing all desks and furniture, wiping down telephones, computers, maintaining clean walls, spot cleaning windows and cleaning light switches. Dusting hard to reach corners, including high ceilings, under tables, and more.

Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, all areas to leave a clean, dirt free floor for you and your staff

Scrubbing and disinfecting toilet seats, urinals, sinks, flush valves, door plates and more during each visit. Paper towel, toilet paper and soap will be refilled and looked after.

Disinfecting and scrubbing sinks, counter, tables during each visit. Fridges, microwaves, toasters will be kept in good working condition throughout the month.

And More.

Simple Cleaning can also accommodate for any special preference or requests that our clients might have. If you have any questions feel free to contact us today!

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