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Residential Cleaning - Bronze Package

   Our BRONZE Package has been designed for multiple cleaning visits per week or for partial cleaning visit. This packaged focuses on maintaining Bathrooms, Kitchen and One Extra room per visit. Our uniquely trained staff focus on a detail cleaning of the difficult area's in your home, while also maintaining your home on a room by room basis. The Bronze package allows you to constantly have a clean kitchen and bathrooms while cleaning a couple of rooms per week. Similar to our SILVER and GOLD package, you will have the choice of having us use our regular products or environmentally friendly products instead. This Package has our friendly trained staff visit your home for a 2 and half hour visit, start at ONLY $64.99 per visit.


Also when signing up for our bronze weekly service receive 1 Gold Service Visit for free! There is no additional cost to you! Special reduced price may apply*


Our Recommendation: 


We recommend the BRONZE PACKAGE for clients that would just like to focus on the hard to clean areas during the week.  


For more information, feel free to contact the office if you have any questions. 

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