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Residential Cleaning - Silver Package

   Our SILVER Package has been designed for residential maintenance. This package is ideal for good overall clean house, as our extensively trained staff look after the most trafficked spots in the house while ensuring a dust free residence all around. While setting up this package, it's your choice of having us use our regular products or if you are worried about harsh chemicals, we can use environmentally friendly products instead. This Package has our highly trained staff visit your home for a 3 and half hour visit and start at ONLY $97.99 per visit.


Also When signing up for our SILVER Package weekly or Bi-Weekly Service, Simple Cleaning provide's 2 GOLD Service Visit to get through a deep and detailed clean of your home right from the start. There is no additional cost to you! 


Our Recommendation: 


We recommend the SILVER package for Weekly and Bi-Weekly service as it is the perfect combination of quality and price. Additionally, we recommend adding special tasks to be cleaned on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to ensure an all around the clean home at every aspect. 

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