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Simple Cleaning believes no work should be conducted in a dirty and unsettling environment. This is why we take pride in our work and are able to provide exceptional service to all our clients with a number of different services.



General Cleaning Program: Our Week to Week Maintenance; Providing flexibility, reliability and high-quality service.


Consumable Products: Purchase all your consumable needs and get discounts for signing up or using our other
                                         services. Receive discounts and free delivery on qualified purchased. Ask for more details!

Window Cleaning: Scrubbing and Washing the exterior and interior windows for you. 

Carpet Washing:  Giving your carpet new life by removing old stains and dirt from your carpet surface. 

Floor Care: Whether it's buffering your floors, or completely stripping and waxing them, Simple Cleaning is here to give
                    new life to your floors and make this run as smoothly as possible.

Residential Cleaning: Our service can help you spend more time relaxing at home, instead of cleaning it. Take
                                         advantage of a number of discounts and have your home cleaned today. Book an appointment                                                or give us a call for more information!

Construction Clean Up: Extreme dust due to renovations? Broken tiles for garbage? Simple Cleaning can help finish                                                      off your renovation by cleaning it up for you


Move IN/OUT: Need som to clean the place before you move in or move out? Give us a call we can help!


All of our services are available when you need them!
Call Today to get started!

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